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 Genesee River through Letchworth Park

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PostSubject: Genesee River through Letchworth Park   Fri Aug 14, 2009 11:34 pm

This info was provided by upstatehead.

I have done this paddle many times, it is one of my faves. Yes, you do need a permit. You only need (1) that lasts the entrire season though, so save the copy they give you if you plan on returning (they will asign a number to you). Be aware, the portages can be almost a mile to get to the water, and to return your boat to your car, so be prepared (kayak cart works best, but I carry mine and my girlfriends- it makes for a nice sore back the next day!). You will want to put in at Lee's Landing, which is a little downstream from Lower Falls. For a 2-3 hour trip, you will take out at St. Helena's (there is a sign on the left hand side), and again, its a long walk back to the car, but well worth it). You can keep going, but the next pull-out is the Mt. Morris dam (roughly a 5 hr trip total), the take out can be treachorous here if we've had a lot of rain. You also have to leave your car on the other side of the river at the dam visitor center. I usually scope it out when I'm leaving my car there to find a good exit and mark it on my GPS. The water has been fast and high this year, so be prepared and do not attempt this trip if you are a novice. You can keep an eye on water levels at this website: http://waterdata.usgs.gov/ny/nwis/rt put the pointer over the circle that says "Genesee River at Portageville", and scroll down that page to look at gage height. It seems to be down the last few days. For your first trip I would recommend going when its no more that 9 ft. Anything over 10 is high and moving very fast in some parts. 12' is nuts (but fun!) I love it, but people that go with me tend to get a little intimidated. Be safe and wear your PDF, even a helmet isnt a bad idea here. Also, when the water is high, a spray skirt will keep you from having to stop every 1/4 mile to bilge out your boat. **Most important with this trip**- you have to call a ranger and check in when you are putting in. Its just a machine, but they do check it and you need to leave info such as number of people and their permit #'s, your put-in location and your intended destination, and the related times. Our cell phone reception sucks down there, but we just have a prepaid. You also must call when you get off the river to let them know you're done. If you don't, there will be search and rescue sent out, and some mad park rangers (trust me, from my 1st experience!) .
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Genesee River through Letchworth Park
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