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 Braddocks Bay (S)

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PostSubject: Braddocks Bay (S)   Thu Apr 22, 2010 10:45 pm

Information on this paddle was shared by upstatehead.

(The put in) is a marshy creek that leads into a bay that leads into open lake. I would have to say that I have logged this trip about 30 times last summer alone (sometimes at night!). The sandy beach at the end of the route is a pleasant bonus in the summer, as the swimming there is great (no rocks!).
The put-in for this trip is almost to the end of North Greece Rd., Greece. About 100 yards from a sharp left turn (as you are heading north) and right before a small bridge; there is a left turn into small fishing park (signage at road). If you cross a bridge & make a sharp left and the road becomes Hincher Rd., you've went too far.

A paved walk leads to a small platform (fishing access). The put-in is directly left of this (the water is extremely low right now, making this spot difficult, but within weeks the water will be suitable for this spot). Head due east, under the concrete bridge to head towards the lake. Beware of fishermen/women on the bridge, they are there often and you do not want to get snagged!
The route begins to head North East, passing backyards & docks;

Get directions to put in

Contine to head North East past the marina and you will see a rocky shore on your right hand side. There is a large sand bar here and it is extremely shallow, even a hundred yards off the shore (only 1'- 2' deep, depending on Lake level). Continue past the point and begin to head right down the Lakeshore. Your heading should be South East at this point, and you will be able to see a pier within a couple of hundred yards. Almost to the "secret beach"! If you look far enough towards the South East you can see the smoke stacks that are on Edgemere Drive, down by Charlotte. Just make your way around the pier and into shore and there is a very nice sandy beach.

This beach area is right at the North East end of Edgemere drive. The swimming is great. I've swam out at least 200 yards from shore, and it is still all sand and not more than 5 feet deep. The one-way trip is about 1 1/2 -2 miles, and timing will vary due to the Lake conditions. I've had 3 footers come up very quickly!

Map of put in and points if interest.
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Braddocks Bay (S)
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